You want your software to do WHAT??

If youíve been looking for agency management software that works more like your business does, we invite you to take a close look at AlphaTemp.

Itís a software solution -- not just a software package -- thatís designed to accommodate a level of customization that youíre not likely to find anywhere else.

At Alpha Site, we donít believe you should have to change your way of doing business -- your scheduling, billing, payroll and accounting practices -- to accommodate an inflexible software package.

Customization services are a standard feature with every system we sell. And after installation -- when your day-to-day activities put AlphaTemp to the real test -- weíll keep working with you to fine-tune our system to better match yours.

System Overview

AlphaTemp is a fully integrated, modular, single-entry, computer-based management system for the temporary services industry. Available in single or multi-office configurations, AlphaTemp provides true multi-tasking capabilities for a complete agency automation system

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